• A Holiday Wreath from Old Books
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A Holiday Wreath from Old Books

via Living with Lindsay

Here's a fun little holiday project and a brilliant reuse idea to boot.  Give your old books new life by making one of these elegant wreaths.   Hmm...  if I can just get my James to part with some of the books stowed away in the back of our closet...

Simple Joys Paperie via Bohemian Vintage

With an adult in charge of the glue gun, it could also be a great craft to do with some little ones who could help roll the paper.  I first came across the how-to for this project at Living with Lindsay so click here for her great instructions.  She even has a video.  There are lots of variations, so I've included a few for inspiration.

Beauties like this are the work of Haru and used to be available on Etsy.  Sadly no longer.

via Design Sponge

via Living with Lindsay

I've also seen some great versions using used wrapping paper.  Old fabric samples might work too.  If you have a wreath idea or project made from upcycling something else, I would love to hear about it.

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